Q: How often are events held?

A: It varies by chapter/city. Click on the city of choice to check out frequency and upcoming events.

Q: Is it true your events are free

A: Yes! General admission tickets are free and allow you to RSVP one plus a guest. We recognize holistic wellness is an area each of us can improve in. You shouldn’t have to pay to gain information and resources that can enhance your life and happiness. Of course if you’d like to enhance your experience you can purchase VIP or Premier Access tickets.

Q: Who created Naturals Who Network?

A: Naturals Who Network (NWN) is a sister brand to Brown Skin Women and was created by Sani Auri Company and Founder Carmen Veal.  Learn more about our history and core values here.

Q: Why was Naturals Who Network created?

A: In 2013 Brown Skin Women events created experiential connections that bridged conscious everyday women with conscious brands.

Q: I don’t know how nor do I feel comfortable networking. The thought of walking up to a complete stranger scares me.

A: That is what makes our events so unique. The energy will swoop you away almost immediately.  Then to top if off, we use our Natural Express Bell to help guide the conversations and connections. We guarantee you will leave with a big heart, amazing connections, and a huge smile.

Q: Regarding networking: Are we to network only about natural hair? For instance, I am a member of a limited liability company that invests in real estate. I don’t want to conduct myself in a way that was not intended or appropriate for this gathering.

A: You can network as a natural sharing natural lifestyle experiences, education and resources as well as network as being a natural (conscious minded) doing, sharing anything that resonates with you. The sky is the limit at these events.

Q: My friend is able to attend these events at no cost to her. Why is that?

A: She must be a Brown Skin Women Events Member. Members receive exclusive perks that includes low/no admission at our events.  Interested in learning more? Visit our website here.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: We do not offer refunds. We offer transfers to future events and in some cases will allow the option to transfer to a partner event. This applies to events canceled due to low ticket sales, weather and other matters outside of our control.

Q: When will new cities be offered?

A: We undergo a pilot phase for new areas.  When we introduce an inaugural event in a new city, we plan to offer bi/tri-monthly events in that area moving forward.  To help us do so successfully, we take the time to establish partnerships with local brands prior to doing so. You can suggest a city here and even let us know if you’d like to be considered at the Chapter Event Manager here.

Q: Who can attend these events? Are men allowed?

A: Anyone embracing the natural lifestyle and who aligns with what we stand for as explained in our Core Values here.

Q: How do I go about vending at and upcoming event?

A: Purchase a vendor table via any of the event ticket forms.

Have a question? Email info@naturalswhonetwork.com