Exclusive, life-enhancing, connections for naturals worldwide.

Naturals Who Network creates conscious connections for the natural living community, service providers, and brands. Established in 2015 by Brown Skin Women, the events expanded to offer Goal Digging Women (and sometimes men) ongoing life-enhancing experiences and opportunities to CONNECT. Which doubles as our core values:

Conscious. Openhearted. Naturals. Networking. Educating. Connecting. Together.


Conscious beings awake and aware of the need to prioritizing self-care in areas related to hair, beauty, health, and wellness.

Open-hearted expressing and display one’s warm and kindly feelings without concealment.

Naturals pursuing a positive and satisfying existence, in a style that respects and seeks to achieve harmony and balance with nature, oneself and their future.

Networking interactions with like minds to exchange resources and establish connections that enhance their knowledge, explain their sphere of influence and support their community.

Educating with special guests helping to add substance and deeper value to the networking events, which is essential because we don’t know what we don’t know.

Connecting relationships are something into which we are directly investing our most valuable asset- time. An effective way to eliminate relationships built out of convenience in place of those that can have a meaningful outcome.

Together uniting and empowering through support and love.

Goal Digging Women (and sometimes men) here’s how to join in on the magic:

Interested in attending as a magical, everyday Goal Digging Women (or man)? Click HERE.

Interested in being a featured Goal Digging Brand at one of our events? Click HERE.

Interested in being a featured Goal Digging Educator at one of our events? Click HERE.